Day 270

3 08 2010

Hmmm, how come every time I put my bottle in my mouth, nothing comes out?  I see the juice in there, but it’s not going in my mouth.  Oh wait – I have my binky in my mouth!!  Maybe that’s why?

Day 255

19 07 2010

Here I am hanging out in my pack and play having my last bottle for the day.  After school I got to crawl around and play with mommy and daddy for awhile but then I got tired.  Nothing they could do would make me smile, I just felt like crying.  Mommy says it’s cause I was tired.  She’s probably right because the minute she laid me in my playpen with my bottle I started to get very sleepy.

Day 168

24 04 2010

Uh oh – thank goodness Daddy took this one picture of me while I was having a bottle otherwise there would be NO picture of the day for today!!!  Mommy didn’t remember until 12:15 at night that she hadn’t taken a picture of me today….she checked the camera and was so relieved to see that daddy took this: