Day 46

23 01 2010

Today is mommy’s birthday and she wanted me to meet my grandpa – he’s sick and in a nursing home and it’s not easy to take a baby there!   But since it was all she wanted for her birthday, she worked it out that my grandpa could come down from his floor and meet me in an area away from everyone.  My grandpa has something called Senile Dementia and it makes it hard for him to understand what’s going on around him – Mommy was worried he wouldn’t understand that I was his grandson, that’s cause sometimes he forgets that mommy is his daughter.  She was right, he didn’t get it but he did get that mommy has a son now so she was very happy about that.  It was nice to meet another grandpa.  According to my mommy I’m very lucky because I have TWO grandfather’s on her side of the family – besides Grandpa Paul, I also have a Grandpa Richie.  He’s married to Grandma Candy.  I don’t have a picture of him yet in my book but mommy will fix that soon.  And then there is Grandpa Sal.  So you see, I have THREE grandpa’s!!

Day 8 – It’s my birthday!!!

17 01 2010

it’s Saturday, one week since I came in to this world….here I am making a wish.