Day 340

13 10 2010

hahahahahahahahaha – i love to giggle and smile 🙂  mommy and daddy say I am a happy baby, I’d say they are right!

Day 284

17 08 2010

Mommy sat me on the stoop today to take my pic – she kept saying, “don’t move, don’t move” – ha ha so I didn’t move 🙂  Well, my mouth was moving cause I was sucking on my binky

Day 272

6 08 2010

Hey, want to try my binky?  It’s a good binky.  I’ve been sucking on a binky since day one!!  Soothie binky’s are the only ones I like.  Mommy’s tried to give me other kinds, but I don’t like them.

Day 270

3 08 2010

Hmmm, how come every time I put my bottle in my mouth, nothing comes out?  I see the juice in there, but it’s not going in my mouth.  Oh wait – I have my binky in my mouth!!  Maybe that’s why?

Day 175

1 05 2010

This is Ms Joy.  She’s my day care teacher.  Mommy normally doesn’t get to see her because she works 9-5 and mommy is normally at the school at 7:30am or 6:15pm.  There are other people there at those times so mommy hasn’t been able to get a picture of me with Ms Joy.  But today mommy worked from home because she was doing some volunteer work through her job and it was near our house.  When mommy came to get me, I had just fallen asleep in Ms Joy’s arms.

Day 165

21 04 2010

So I haven’t been feeling well.  My head is stuffy and my nose is running like crazy 😦   I had a hard time sleeping today – especially when Daddy was trying to put me down for the night.  I was really tired and I was rubbing my eyes like crazy, but I just couldn’t stay asleep.  Mommy got home and asked daddy if she could take over trying to get me to sleep.  She said she missed me and wanted to hold me for a bit before I went to bed.  So we cuddled for a bit and I started falling asleep on her shoulder.  But when mommy tried laying me in my crib, I woke right up and would cry.  After a little bit, I stopped crying and then I was pretty content while I was shoving my binky in my mouth.

Day 164

19 04 2010

Normally mommy gives me my first bottle of the day.  But today we slept in a little bit and mommy needed to get in the shower and get ready for work before daddy – so she asked daddy to give me my bottle.  This is what she saw when she came back in the room to get dressed 🙂

Day 139

26 03 2010

Just another day – hanging out on my boppy pillow, chewing on my binky.  But look – I can hold it on my own now and wave it around 🙂

Day 73

28 01 2010

More of mommy’s friends came to visit today!  These are her friend’s from work.  That’s Laura on the left – mommy used to work with her at MTV and now they work together at Comedy Central.  She’s pregnant and is gonna have a friend for me to play with.  And she knows how to burp me real good!!  It’s her birthday today and we had cake – well everyone else had cake, I had a bottle.  That’s Susan holding me.  Mommy used to work with her a long time ago at Lifetime and now they work together at Comedy Central too.  And that’s her daughter Jordan on the right.  I like Jordan, she’s pretty.  She liked holding me and I liked it too!!  Oh yeah – they brought me lots of presents 🙂

Day 52

25 01 2010

Just hanging in my vibrating chair with my cow and my binky, maybe I’ll take a nap while I wait for my next meal, maybe I’ll just hang out and stare at the ceiling?  So many choices.   Mommy says I have THE life.  Not sure what she means because she has a life too I think…

and a special thanks to Kelleigh and Nicole for my pal Cowbell, he’s super soft and cuddly.