Day 266

30 07 2010

Today we went to a charity event at Jones Beach.  It was a Tug of War between members of Nassau & Suffolk County law enforcement.  Members of the Corrections, Sherriff and Police departments went against each other.  Last year Suffolk County won all three tug of wars so everyone was expecting Nassau County to put up a good fight this time!  But the crew from Suffolk came out on top taking 2 out of 3 of the challenges.  The Correction’s dept is the one that lost to Nassau.  But Daddy’s buddies from the Police Dept were victorious!  That’s me with daddy, his good friend Vic and the guy that head’s the Suffolk PD team, Billy.  Daddy wasn’t on the line this time – he helped coach the guys, telling them when to hold and when to pull.  Maybe someday I’ll be on the team 🙂

WBAB sponsored the event – that’s mommy and me with JP from the morning show.  Mommy and daddy think he’s really funny.

Day 204

30 05 2010

Today we went upstate to visit Daddy’s best friend Billy and his family.  Billy’s wife’s name is Pattie, his daughter’s name is Melissa and his son’s name is Jaiden.  Daddy’s known Billy since they were kids, that was a loooooooooooooooong time ago.  They go hunting and fishing together.  Someday Jaiden and I will go hunting and fishing with our daddies.

Day 35

21 01 2010

You remember Sheila from Day 15 – she came to visit again and brought her husband Billy to visit me and binky.