Day 327

30 09 2010

I’m just playing with my cars while I wait for mommy to finish getting ready for work.  I wish she’d hurry up, I wanna get to school 🙂

Day 307

12 09 2010

Mommy is so excited fall is here – that means I’m older and bigger and I get to fit in to a whole new set of clothes.  Like this outfit.  Are you ready for some football!!!  I’m not, but I am ready for playing in the new room at day care.  They have even better toys then my other room.

Day 275

8 08 2010

Daddy’s friend Rich was here today.  He and daddy went upstate to see some property for their hunting club.  Mommy doesn’t think he’s seen me since day 57!!  That was a long time ago.  I’ve gotten so much bigger since then.