Day 199

24 05 2010

Daddy gave me a bath today.  I really like taking baths.  It’s so much fun to play in the water.

Day 161

16 04 2010

Daddy picked me up from day care today and gave me my bottle and cereal.  When mommy came home she gave me a bath.  I have a playdate tomorrow in Brooklyn so I gotta be nice and clean.  After my bath I came out to the living room and played for a bit.  I have this football that I play with.  I really like it, it’s got a rattle inside and these tags on that make it easy to hold and play with.  I love it so much I was too busy playing with it to look up for a picture.

Day 138

24 03 2010

I have a bit of a cold right now.  My head is stuffy and my nose is running all the time.  Mommy wanted to give me a bath cause I was starting to look a bit messy!  I love getting a bath.  Mommy says I smell so delicious afterwards – she could just eat me up!

Day 92

7 02 2010

Here I am in my bath – daddy was giving me my bath again today.  We have lots of fun when he does it – he makes me laugh the whole time.  Mommy made daddy cover my bits before taking a picture!!   Not letting you guys get a look at my twig and berries……

Day 81

29 01 2010

Today daddy gave me a bath.  Mommy’s the one that normally gives them to me but she said it was daddy’s turn.  I had fun with him – he let me play in the tub for a long time.  Here he is giving me a baby massage with lotion so I will be nice and soft.

Day 41

21 01 2010

You know it’s slow around here when my picture of the day is of me getting a bath!  Mommy tried mixing things up by taking this picture of my while I was over her shoulder….took a few tries before she even got me in the shot!

Day 34

21 01 2010

Here I am laying down in my crib – mommy had just given me a bath and laid me down in here while she put things away.  I love getting a bath, it’s so relaxing – and it makes my hair nice and fuzzy

Day 7

17 01 2010

I got another bath today – this time daddy gave it to me.  Afterwards, he wrapped me up in the cookie monster towel I got from someone named Aunt Katie – I haven’t met her yet but will post a picture when I do 🙂