Day 210

4 06 2010

See I told you this is how I spend most mornings, sitting on mommy & daddy’s bed playing with my Melissa & Doug toys.  The fishie is my favorite one – it’s so easy to chew.  Do you like my new outfit?  It’s one of the bazillion outfits they got for me when we went to the outlets last weekend.  It’s from baby gap.  The shirt is really nice and soft and it has a picture of a froggie on it saying “catch me if you can.”  When I start crawling soon that’s what I’m gonna be saying!

Today’s a special day cause there are two pictures for today!!  Today was really hot – like 90 degrees hot!!  When daddy got home from work, he put some water in my pool and brought me outside to play in it.  It was my first time in my pool.  Last time mommy took it out, I ended up not getting to go in because I fell asleep.  But I was wide awake this time 🙂

Day 78

29 01 2010

OK that whole monkey toe thing didn’t last nearly long enough because I woke up today and they were gone!!  I hope they come back again someday.  Anyway….today my mommy took me to visit her boss Debbie and her family.  Here I am with Debbie and her daughter, Sammy.  They were really nice.  They played with me and took my picture.  We all went out for dinner and Sammy fed me my bottle so mommy could eat her dinner.  That was nice of her – I liked looking at her while I ate, she’s pretty!  And they gave me lots of cool clothes from Baby Gap.  Oh yeah, and someone was giving away baby stuff and they got it for me so now I have another swing, a cool rocking horse (well it’s really a rocking bug) and a table with fun stuff stuck on it for me to play with.  I like going to their house.  And before I forget, big shout out to mommy’s friend Angelita for my cool Polo onesie.

Day 70

28 01 2010

Mommy bought me these boots at Baby Gap…she picked an outfit just to match the boots.  Check out my blanket – it’s so soft and cuddly.  Mommy’s friend Josephine got it for me – I haven’t met her yet but maybe soon!

Day 32

21 01 2010

Here I am in something mommy got at Baby Gap.  I didn’t fit in it until now.  It says “I’ve Arrived” – know how I know??  Cause I can read….NOT!  Cause mommy told me so silly, babies can’t read.