Day 365!!!!!

7 11 2010

Technically today is the 365th day – can you believe it??  We’ve been hanging out together for a whole year.  Do you remember what I looked like on day 1( – that seems like so long ago!  I’m a big boy now.  I can walk and I can talk, well I can talk a little.  I have 5 teeth.  I eat regular food.  I love to play.  I like to dance.  Tomorrow is my birthday and I am going to be 1 years old 🙂  Mommy and Daddy are so excited.  They have a birthday party planned and lots of friends and family are coming to celebrate with me.

Aunt Victoria came down to stay with us and to help mommy out with all the last minute things to do.  Mommy is soooo glad she’s here.  She said she really needed Aunt Victoria’s help.  I was really happy to have her to play with.

Day 218

12 06 2010

Goodness it was a busy day today!!  We went to breakfast with Aunt Victoria where I sat in a restaurant high chair for the first time.  Then we went to Brooklyn to meet up with mommy’s friend Kim so we could go to the Brooklyn Flea Market.  Which was a lot of fun.  And they sell the most amazing lobster rolls there – I wouldn’t know of course but mommy says they are and can’t stop talking about them.  Then we came home and met up with Susan and my fake big sister Jordan so we could take pictures together.  We were gonna do it at the beach but it was way too windy – so we ended up going to Eisenhower Park where I promptly fell asleep so Jordan did pics with mommy on her own.  I woke up when we got home so we ran and grabbed some shots of us together while sitting on the lawn.  It was nice.  But boy am I pooped.

Day 216

11 06 2010

My Aunt Victoria came to stay with us for a few days.  She’s watching me today while Mommy and Daddy went to the Eagles/Dixie Chicks/Keith Urban concert.  I had a lot of fun with her.  Check out my hair, I’m doing my best Russell Brand impersonation.