Day 247

11 07 2010

I’ve figured out how to pull myself up and play with my activity table.  I love this thing.  My favorite parts are the computer – I like to flip the screen up and down – and the book cause I like to flip the page back and forth.  Thanks to the Varlack’s for hooking me up with this thing 🙂

Day 176

1 05 2010

It was 80 degrees today!  Mommy was so excited for the warm weather.  She put me in my first shorts outfit!  Here I am in it – playing with Grandma Angie.  That’s my activity table.  I got it from Jill, Joe & their boys.  It’s a fun table.  So much to do.  Grandma Angie thought it was funny cause I started wiggling my tushy when the music played.  After we played inside, we went outside for awhile.  We sat under the shade of the tree on the side of the house.  Mommy laid out a blanket and I played for a bit until the fresh air made me sleepy then I took a long nap.