Day 171

26 04 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY – it’s my daddy’s birthday today ūüôā ¬†I love him very much – would have liked to post a picture of us together for today, but mommy was rushing around getting ready for work this morning and forgot to take one of us together. ¬†Then daddy was working the night shift so she couldn’t do it when she got home. ¬†Instead, here is a picture of me sitting on my blanket hanging out. ¬†Now you might be wondering why I am naked. ¬†I have a wee bit of diaper rash so mommy was letting my bum get some fresh air for a bit. ¬†She was hoping I wouldn’t pee all over myself – and guess what, I didn’t! ¬†We’ll have to see if all that fresh air helped my bum……

Day 170

25 04 2010

Today mommy had a photography seminar to go to so I spent the day with daddy.  We went online and watched videos of Sesame Street together.

Day 169

24 04 2010

I am getting really good at this tummy time thing. ¬†I can pick my head up and keep it up for long periods of time. ¬†I can roll over real good now too. ¬†Mommy and daddy really have to keep an eye on me cause one minute I’m over here, the next minute I’ll be over there, or there, or over here…

check out my cool blanket – Joe and Amanda gave it to me. ¬†It’s got John Deere logos and pictures of tractors on it. ¬†Yee haw.

Day 168

24 04 2010

Uh oh – thank goodness Daddy took this one picture of me while I was having a bottle otherwise there would be NO picture of the day for today!!! ¬†Mommy didn’t remember until 12:15 at night that she hadn’t taken a picture of me today….she checked the camera and was so relieved to see that daddy took this:

Day 167

22 04 2010

Here I am eating my first food – well beside cereal. ¬†Mommy and Daddy gave me some bananas. ¬†I was really enjoying it – they tasted real yummy. ¬†I ate quite a few spoonfuls then I felt full. ¬†Daddy noticed a red mark on my forehead. ¬†Then one on my cheek. ¬†They got worried that I was having an allergic reaction. ¬†Mommy took me in my room to put on my pajamas and check me out. ¬†I had hives on my back and belly. ¬†They called Dr. McCarthy to see what she recommended. ¬†She asked if I was fussy or irritable. ¬†I kind of answered that question cause I was in the background laughing and kicking ūüôā ¬†She said as long as I didn’t look like I was in distress I should be ok and there was no need to give me anything. ¬†I would be ok in a bit – just keep an eye one me. ¬†They went to the store and got some children’s benadryl just to be safe. ¬†But I had my last bottle of the night at 9:15 and went right to sleep.

Day 166

21 04 2010

I’m still feeling a bit under the weather today. ¬†My nose is stuffy and running a lot. ¬†I hope I feel better soon. ¬†Mommy was trying to make me smile, she brought out the new hand puppet she got for me at IKEA. ¬†It’s a horse. ¬†She was making him talk and play with me. ¬†She also bought me a moose – but we haven’t played with that one yet.

Day 165

21 04 2010

So I haven’t been feeling well. ¬†My head is stuffy and my nose is running like crazy ūüė¶ ¬† I had a hard time sleeping today – especially when Daddy was trying to put me down for the night. ¬†I was really tired and I was rubbing my eyes like crazy, but I just couldn’t stay asleep. ¬†Mommy got home and asked daddy if she could take over trying to get me to sleep. ¬†She said she missed me and wanted to hold me for a bit before I went to bed. ¬†So we cuddled for a bit and I started falling asleep on her shoulder. ¬†But when mommy tried laying me in my crib, I woke right up and would cry. ¬†After a little bit, I stopped crying and then I was pretty content while I was shoving my binky in my mouth.

Day 164

19 04 2010

Normally mommy gives me my first bottle of the day. ¬†But today we slept in a little bit and mommy needed to get in the shower and get ready for work before daddy – so she asked daddy to give me my bottle. ¬†This is what she saw when she came back in the room to get dressed ūüôā

Day 163

18 04 2010

I love my jumperoo!! ¬†It is so much fun. ¬†I had another busy day today. ¬†We went to visit my next door neighbor, Rosie. ¬†She’s sick at a rehab center. ¬†Mommy and I took a walk over there early this morning. ¬†Then mommy walked with me to CVS – I needed diapers. ¬†We were out for over an hour and I slept most of the way in my jogging stroller. ¬†Then mommy had Grandma Angie come over and help keep an eye on me so she could do some housecleaning. ¬†Grandma Angie took me for a walk too and I slept some more. ¬†Then mommy and I went to see her friend Anita again. ¬†Anita’s babies are coming next weekend so I won’t get to see her for awhile. ¬†Mommy went to get a few more picture of her before those babies come. ¬†While we were there, we went to the park for a bit. ¬†All that fresh air made me sleepy, again ūüôā ¬†Then I came home and had some dinner, played with mommy, then played with daddy and off to bed I went.

Day 162

17 04 2010

I was looking forward to today ūüôā ¬†Mommy has been talking about wanting me to meet the babies of her friends. ¬†She had a bunch of girlfriends that were pregnant at the same time and today was the day that we were getting together. ¬†Mommy’s friend Karen was hosting the playdate at her new apt in Brooklyn. ¬†Mommy and me drove in – I slept the whole way. ¬†Ha ha – I stayed asleep for the first 20 mins we were at Karen’s house. ¬†It was OK though cause Sophie, that’s Karen’s daughter, she was sleeping too. ¬†Then Allison came with Olive. ¬†It was nice to see them again. ¬†And then Jen and Noah got there (yay, another boy!) ¬†I’ve never been any place with that many babies like me in one place. ¬†It was a lot of fun. ¬†Sophie had great toys and she shared with all of us. ¬†We really liked these blocks she had – they were great fun to chew on. ¬† ¬†Mommy is gonna break the rules today and post more then one picture again.

Here are all the mommies and babies together

Here are ones of all the babies together – uh, they didn’t go according to plan…..