Day 181

7 05 2010

I still don’t feel well today.  It hurts to cough – Mommy & daddy get a nervous look on their faces when I cough cause it sounds so bad.  Look at me, don’t I look a bit out of sorts?

Day 180

5 05 2010

I woke up with a crazy cough today.  It scared mommy and daddy.  They tried not to freak out because I happened to have a dr’s appt scheduled today anyway.  Daddy was off from work so he took me in.  I saw Dr. McCarthy today.  She told daddy I have croup 😦  It’s a viral infection that affects your voice box.  That’s why my cough sounded so crazy.  There isn’t much you can do – just have to ride it out and keep an eye on me cause if the coughing gets worse or my fever gets too high, I need to go back to the dr right away.  So stay tuned and let’s hope this clears up quickly.  I don’t like to crazy cough – it hurts!  And guess how big I am now, 17lbs 14oz and 26 1/4 inches.  I am a big boy!

Day 179

4 05 2010

So I went next door to visit with Rosie, she’s like my Great Grandma. She had been in a rehab place for a month and finally came home this past weekend.  She’s definitely still not feeling well and was sleeping when Mommy and I came by.  But I did get to see her health aide, Hermoine.  She loves when I come to visit.  She used to be a nanny and she really likes babies.  She said I have gotten sooooo big.  I showed her how I could sit up all by myself.

Day 178

3 05 2010

It was pouring out this morning!   But even with all the rain, it was still hot.  Mommy knows there isn’t air conditioning at the school so she put me in shorts today because she didn’t want me to overheat.  And NO socks today either – thankfully Grandma Angie had bought me some new sandals when we went to Old Navy this past weekend.

Day 177

3 05 2010

It was HOT today.  Mommy and I hung out at home all day.  She kept me in just a diaper because it was too hot for clothes.

Day 176

1 05 2010

It was 80 degrees today!  Mommy was so excited for the warm weather.  She put me in my first shorts outfit!  Here I am in it – playing with Grandma Angie.  That’s my activity table.  I got it from Jill, Joe & their boys.  It’s a fun table.  So much to do.  Grandma Angie thought it was funny cause I started wiggling my tushy when the music played.  After we played inside, we went outside for awhile.  We sat under the shade of the tree on the side of the house.  Mommy laid out a blanket and I played for a bit until the fresh air made me sleepy then I took a long nap.

Day 175

1 05 2010

This is Ms Joy.  She’s my day care teacher.  Mommy normally doesn’t get to see her because she works 9-5 and mommy is normally at the school at 7:30am or 6:15pm.  There are other people there at those times so mommy hasn’t been able to get a picture of me with Ms Joy.  But today mommy worked from home because she was doing some volunteer work through her job and it was near our house.  When mommy came to get me, I had just fallen asleep in Ms Joy’s arms.

Day 174

29 04 2010

We went to dinner at Sal and Theresa’s house.  That’s me with them, and their cute daughter, Sofia.  Do you remember Theresa?  She came to visit me at my house back on day 75!   It was nice going to their house – well until Sal made me cry!!  I’m just kidding – well, not about him making me cry – but he hadn’t meant to and I only cried for a minute 🙂  They made a nice dinner for mommy and daddy.  They had steak – it looked really good but no one would give me any 😦  Oh well – maybe some other time.

Day 173

29 04 2010

Look at me – I can sit up real good now.  Yeah sure I’m on the couch and the cushions are keeping me propped up – but I use to fall to the side a lot faster then I do now!  Like my pj’s?  I got them as a present from one of daddy’s co-workers.  I have a lot of pj’s for my size right now.  Mommy says I practically have enough pj’s I could never wear the same ones twice…I think she’s exaggerating, but only by a little.  I really DO have a lot of pj’s 🙂

Day 172

27 04 2010

I had a rough night last night.  I woke up at 11:30pm crying and just couldn’t go back to sleep in my crib.  Every time mommy tried to put me back down I started crying.  Then she’d put me over her shoulder and I’d get quiet – she’d think I was asleep but once she put me down, I started crying again.  Poor mommy was so tired she took me in to bed with her.  She figured when daddy got home he’d put me back in my crib.  Which he did – except when he put me down I started crying too!!  He changed my diaper – it was wet – but that didn’t help either.  He ended up giving me a bottle and then I went back to sleep.  I started fussing again around 5:30am – mommy woke up and started getting my bottle ready, but then she saw on the monitor that I had fallen back to sleep so she went back to bed for a bit.  When she got up a little while later – she came in to check on me and she found me sleeping on my belly.  I had turned myself over at one point and I stayed that way!  Mommy couldn’t believe it.