Day 120

7 03 2010

Today mommy and I went back to Grandma Candy & Grandpa Richie’s house.  Daddy is off playing hockey with his Uncle Jeff in Maryland so we figured we’d go away too!  It was fun – I like getting lots of love from grandma, grandpa and my aunt’s Gen & Victoria!  oh yeah – I’m four months old today 🙂

Day 119

5 03 2010

So it’s 9:45pm and mommy is giving me my last bottle of the day….by this time of the night I am sooo tired I don’t even open my eyes, I just drink my ba ba, mommy tries to get a burp out of me and off to bed I go……the last thing I hear is mommy whispering “godspeed little man, sweet dreams little man”

Day 118

4 03 2010

During the week my pics are gonna be a little boring – with Mommy back at work and me going to day care a good portion of the day , interesting photo ops are limited!  Maybe when it gets warmer and stays light out longer, mommy and me can think of fun pics to take outside!    But for now, here is a view of me as seen if you were a bug or a microscopic organism living on the mobile that hangs above my crib……

Day 117

3 03 2010

Today I had another dr’s appointment.  This time Dr. McCarthy saw me.  She’s the doctor that saw me at the hospital and for my first two doctor’s visits.  She hasn’t seen me in a few months – boy was she surprised by how much I’ve grown and by all that I can do!  She said I sit up really well and that I can start having cereal if mommy wants to try giving it to me.  We just need to wait a few days because I got another vaccine today and she thinks mommy should make sure I don’t have any reactions to that.  So maybe by next week I’ll be trying cereal….stay tuned!

Day 116

2 03 2010

Today was the first day since mommy went back to work that she had to take me to day care.  I am proud to say that we got out the door on time – I didn’t do anything to make us run late – like poop my pants after she bundled me all up and got me in the car seat….I am such a good boy!!

Day 115

1 03 2010

This is me sleeping in mommy & daddy’s bed while mommy gets ready for work.  Mommy got me out of my crib for my 6  a.m. bottle and then I went right back to sleep.  Their bed is comfy!

Day 114

28 02 2010

Look at me , I’m sitting up all by myself!   Daddy has been working with me to help me do it – I can’t do it for long….I’d say just about long enough for mommy to get a picture 🙂  Just after this picture was taken I fell over sideways…TIMBER!

Day 113

27 02 2010

Mommy is working on a project for my room.  She’s taking pictures of me with all of my immediate family and is going to do a wall of b&w photos in nice frames.  She set up her equipment and a black backdrop in a spare room upstairs and has had it there for the last few months!  But tomorrow we’re going to her friend Anita’s house to do her family’s portrait, so she needs to break down the studio!  She told Daddy tonite was the night we had to do my pics with him 🙂

Day 112

26 02 2010

It snowed like crazy again last nite!!!  Mommy went to go outside to shovel and found that someone had come by with their snow blower and did a pathway in front of our house and our two neighbor’s houses!!  What a nice surprise – that meant she only had to shovel our driveway and a little pathway on the side of the house.  She was so relieved 🙂  And then when she went outside, our neighbor Trish and her boyfriend Jimmy came out too.  So they all helped each other shovel the driveways.  Daddy and I watched and waved from the window 🙂  Then it was daddy’s turn to go outside and shovel so mommy bundled me up so I could come out and play.  It wasn’t too cold and the snow was coming down – I got to feel snowflakes on my cheeks 🙂

Day 111

25 02 2010

Mommy has been back to work for three days now.  She said she misses me lots so she wanted today’s picture to be one of the two of us 🙂  I said “OK Mommy – I’ll even look at the camera for this one!”