Day 188

13 05 2010

I’m heading back to day care again.  I still have a bit of a cough – it mostly comes on after I eat.  The formula makes my phlegmy 😦  See the shirt I am wearing.  It was a gift from mommy’s friend, Jennie.  They play basketball together so Jennie had to get me a shirt that had a basketball on it!!  What she didn’t realize is that it also has mommy’s jersey # from the league they’ve been playing in 🙂  That was mommy’s HS basketball jersey # too  – she had wanted #22 because that’s her birthday, but someone else got it first.  So she took 33 since it was a double # too.  Then Larry Bird became her favorite bball player and his # was 33 too.

Day 26

21 01 2010

Did I say taking Christmas Card pictures was tiresome?  Well that was nothing compared to taking pictures with all the presents I got!  Mommy & Daddy’s friends were really nice and got me so many great things.  Mommy is really nice (daddy says insane) and wanted to send along a picture of me with my gifts in the thank you cards.  It took forever!  But I hope everyone liked their picture.  This was me & binky with the outfit mommy’s friend Jennie gave me, you remember her from Day 18, right?  The shirt has the #33 on it just like on mommy’s basketball jersey 🙂

Day 18

20 01 2010

This is mommies friend Jennie.  They also went to high school together and they played on the basketball team.  Before mommy got pregnant with me, they had reconnected on Facebook with a bunch of other girls from the team and started playing again.  Mommy and daddy didn’t want to find out if I was a boy or girl until I was born….Jennie was one of the people that guessed I’d be a boy!  She has two of her own so she knows her stuff.  She brought me a cool workout outfit, the shirt has a basketball on it and the #33…that’s mommy’s Jersey #!!  Maybe I can come play bball now?