Day 109

25 02 2010

I’m meeting lots of new people at day care.  Here I am with one of the ladies that watches us that stay late.  There are only a couple of us that are there after 6pm.   It makes mommy sad but it’s ok.  I get lots of attention after the other babies leave!

Day 108

23 02 2010

Today was mommy’s first day back at work!  So now I have officially started day care.  But my daddy is working nights this week so he’s keeping me at home with him in the morning and will be bringing me there in the afternoons.  Mommy will pick me up when she gets home from work.  Here I am in a bouncy seat just waiting for her to come and get me.   Right now I’m sucking on my hand, but I had been sucking on my thumb!  Sucking your thumb is fun.  Wonder why mommy has that worried look on her face…….

Day 107

21 02 2010

My Grandpa Richie is silly……….

Day 106

21 02 2010

Not only did I get to hang out with my grandparent’s and aunt’s today – I also got to meet my Great Aunt Jeanie.  She’s in her 80’s!!!!  Not bad looking for her age, right?

Day 105

21 02 2010

Finally – here is a picture of me with my Grandpa Richie.  Me and mommy went for a visit at my granpdarent’s house upstate.  We’re gonna be staying for two whole nights.  I am so excited to get to spend time with them – I don’t see them to often!  I really like playing with Grandpa Richie – he’s silly.  And I get to see Aunt Gen and Aunt Victoria too.

Day 104

18 02 2010

Mommy gave me my bath this morning.  She says my hair gets lighter every time she washes it….she said it looked nearly blonde today!   Doesn’t cookie monster make my eyes look bluer 🙂

Day 93

7 02 2010

Today I am three months old!!!  Here I am with my mommy and daddy – we were having a lazy sunday morning hanging out watching TV.  There is a show on HBO family called Kindergarten.  Mommy really likes it – the kids are funny and the teacher seems real nice.  Someday I’ll be going to kindergarten and I hope I have a nice teacher just like her.

Day 80

29 01 2010

Mommy says I look like such a big boy today.  She tried putting this outfit on me three weeks ago and it was TOO BIG.  Now it is JUST RIGHT 🙂  I’m totally ready to hang out with daddy and his hunting buddies.