Day 314

21 09 2010

Mommy is a little behind updating the blog – sorry if you’ve missed me – I’m still here!

My daddy likes to play music – he plays the bass.  He plays music for me all the time.  I’m practicing on my guitar so I can play with him someday.

Day 313

15 09 2010

Another new outfit!  I have so many new clothes – mommy can’t wait to get me dressed each day.   I really like these pants, they are comfortable.  And they have pockets – cause every baby needs pants with pockets.

Day 312

14 09 2010

Yeah ma, I don’t have time to play with you, I’m reading my book.

Day 311

14 09 2010

Daddy and I played outside for a bit when I came home from school.  It’s still nice outside so we have to take advantage of it, right?

Day 310

12 09 2010

Daddy said mommy should take this picture as my picture of the day because I was being a pain in the butt 🙂  It isn’t my fault that I get cranky when I’m tired and hungry.

Day 309

12 09 2010

Mommy said today is a sad day.  It’s 9-11 and nine years ago terrorists hijacked planes and ran them in to the World Trade Center, the Pentagon and into a field in Pennsylvania.  Many people died that day and she said we should never forget what happened.

But even though it was a sad day, there was a bright side.  We went to NJ and met Laura’s baby Ben!  He was in her belly back on day 73 when she came to meet me for the first time 🙂  Remember?  She came with Susan and Jordan.  This time, it was me, mommy, Susan and Jordan that went to see her.  We had a lot of fun – Ben is really cute.  And after we left Laura’s, we stopped at Rita’s to get italian ices.  Mommy got a sample of the green apple  – it was the perfect size for me to have some.  It was delicious.  And I almost forgot, know what else happened?  Jordan gave me a bunch of her sesame street stuffed animals.  I got an Oscar, Big Bird and Elmo.  AND she got me a really cute Elmo outfit.  I love Jordan, she’s real nice to me.  Even though something really bad happened on this day – you can still have a good day.  Mommy says that’s the best revenge.

Day 308

12 09 2010

We’re just two guys heading off to work and school.  Everyone keeps saying I’m my father’s son.  Of course I’m my father’s son – people are silly.

Day 307

12 09 2010

Mommy is so excited fall is here – that means I’m older and bigger and I get to fit in to a whole new set of clothes.  Like this outfit.  Are you ready for some football!!!  I’m not, but I am ready for playing in the new room at day care.  They have even better toys then my other room.

Day 306

8 09 2010

Today was my first day back at school!!  So much has changed in the two weeks since I last went.  I stand up real good now and I’ve started taking steps on my own.  My top two teeth have come in too.  And now I’m in the big babies room at school and I have a new teacher.  But she’s not there when I first come in so mommy couldn’t get a picture with her today.  We’ll get it soon, I’m sure.

Day 305

7 09 2010

Ha – mommy tried to take my picture but I move too fast!!!  I’m 10mos old today – I got places to go and people to see – out of my way!

Oh yeah – and guess who took LOTS of steps on his own today!!  Mommy saw me take three steps on my own.  Then when daddy came home, he saw me take four!