Words Words Words

26 04 2011

I’m copying this idea from my good friend Allison – she always updates her daughter Olive’s blog with the new words she can say.  I’ve updated a few – but since you still don’t have too many I’ll list them all and then just let you know the new ones as we go along.

There is mama and dada of course.  Then ba ba, appa (apple), choo choo (train), leh-mon (lemon), cook cook (cookie), go go (car), gool gool (school bus), ah plane (air plane), up, ehmo (elmo), ehnie (Ernie – even though he points to Bert EVERY time!!), orn (corn), manana (banana), woof woof (dog), who who (owl), eh phant (elephant), nan (grandma) and a few more we just don’t quite understand.

You sign for more, milk and all done.  I really need to teach you please and thank you!  Of course I need to remember those signs before I can teach them 🙂



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26 04 2011

Go christopher!!!

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