A Day of Firsts!

26 04 2011

What a day we had today little man!  Today was your last day off from school – you’ve been off for over a week.  Mommy decided to take today off from work to watch you since I used up a lot of baby sitting last week with Grandma Angie and Marion.  I was looking forward to a day off during the week anyway – it’s always different then being off on the weekends.  And I figured I’d use it as a chance to book your first dentist appointment since it’s about time I took you in!

But first we started the day with some errands – we had to go to Orvis in Greenvale to pick up daddy’s birthday gift 🙂  That’s right, today was daddy’s birthday!  We got him a gift certificate so he could go back and pick out the fishing rod he wants.  Of course daddy has a bazillion fishing rods but he really needs a bazillion and one.  I really didn’t understand it until today when my friend Tara said,” it’s like a woman and her shoes.”  Then I had an A HA moment and it finally clicked for me.  Then we had to go to Walmart to pick up the drawing table I got for you – we have no idea where we’ll put it but I’ll find a place.  Time to get you playing with crayons and stuff.  Next we went to Tara’s house for lunch and then some playground action with her kids Amy, Johnny, Erin and Julie.  It had been a long time since we’ve seen them so they were so happy we were coming.  And it was like YOU had a birthday today because Johnny is going to give you his Thomas the Train train table and all his trains.  That’s another thing we’ll have no idea where it will go but I’m not passing up getting you that.  Right now you LOVE Thomas.  You point to the TV going choo choo all the time 🙂  We had a lot of fun at the playground.  You got to run around with the kids and go on the slide – they had so much fun with you.

After the park we had to head to the dentist for your first appointment!  I can’t believe I forgot to get a picture of you at the office 😦  Oh well.  You did great – you cried when they were brushing your teeth and poking around in there – but you recovered quickly.  The dentist said your teeth looked great.  Good thing momma got you used to brushing your teeth early.  We don’t have to go back there until November.

Then after that we headed home to get poppa so we could take you for your first haircut.  We were going to Rino’s in Elmont – that’s where daddy got HIS first haircut!  I was nervous about taking you there because I didn’t know Rino was used to cutting kid’s hair – daddy knew but he didn’t tell me.  He thought it was funny that I was nervous.  But once we walked in there and saw the kiddie chair and all the pics on the wall of the hundreds of other kids that had their haircut there, I knew you were in good hands.  I even saw pics of people I knew on the wall.  Rino did a great job and you were soooo good!  You didn’t cry at all.  Rino knew lots of tricks to get you to sit still.

This is pre-haircut.  Rino gave you a lollipop to butter you up.

How Rino got you to sit still while he had the clippers going is beyond me!

All done!  You look so handsome and even more like your daddy 🙂

Then it was off to the diner for dinner!  What a day 🙂



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