Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

29 03 2011

Just chilling watching some Sesame Street and eating cheerios

another day, another snack -this time it’s blueberries – but he’s still watching Sesame Street

another day, more sesame street minus the snack

Hanging out at Marion’s house, watching Gerry’s trains…choo choo (oh yeah, he can say choo choo)

walking around with dada’s phone saying “mama mama”

knock knock, who’s there – Nan!

a mom’s eye view of Christopher reaching up, wanting to get picked up…again

Trying to get a shot of Christopher in his St Patty’s “hat” like last year….this year he wanted no part of it!

About the only moment where he was smiling at the circus…..unfortunately he as in no mood for it….oh well

Playing with toys at Grandma Candy & Grandpa Richie’s house

Celebrating Aunt Victoria’s birthday….by picking her a present while at the table…..

Hanging with Aunt Gen before we headed home

C is for cookie

I told you he likes playing with his shovel in the house…..

I was driving down the street and who was on the sidewalk waving to passing cars – Cookie Monster!  Of course I had to pull over for a picture – we went inside so someone could take a picture for us.

hanging with Em & Pat at the playground



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