27 02 2011

Just going through some pics from the last month…..

Here is Christopher…sitting on the coffee table…he got up there by climbing up his toddler the seat, the one I left too close to the coffee table apparently 🙂  Needless to say the toddler seat got moved very quickly.

He’s gotten real good at climbing up on the couch too –

Grandma made cupcakes…..

Susan and Jordan came to visit and we all went to the LICM

I bought Christopher a cozy new chair to sit on when he’s in his playpen watching Sesame Street

Playing with his Sesame Street characters while I made lunch….

We went to Ocean City to visit Uncle Jeff and Aunt Dawn over the President’s Day weekend.  Here Christopher is with Aunt Dawn at the boat show.  (**I broke my canon point & shoot and have been using Chris Casio….it sucks, all the pictures are coming out blurry!!)

Christopher and Grandma Angie making monkey faces at each other.

After the diner we headed to the playground for some fun….Christopher loved the slide!

So as February comes to a close here is an update on Christopher –

He’s 27lbs 12oz.  32 inches tall.  Size 5 shoe…starting to move on to size 6.  Wearing 18mos – 24mos in clothes.  He can identify lots of things – but still only saying a few words – like da da, ma ma, ehmo (elmo), and appa (apple).  He’s in a phase where he says “ma ma” all the time…..I mean all the time!!  He still signs for “milk” and “more”.  He likes to eat with a fork or spoon – and prefers when he can do it himself.  He’ll like something one day, won’t touch it the next.  Except blueberries.  He LOVES blueberries.  I give him some at every meal.  He also loves quesadillas.  And green apples.  And cheerios. He’s got sooo many teeth now.  Lots of molars in the back are coming in.



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