Happy New Year!

3 01 2011

I can’t believe it’s 2011.  Another year has just flown by.  I’m 38 years old now.  Now that I really can’t believe!!  I don’t feel 38 – not that I have any idea what 38 is supposed to feel like.  I’m sure you know what I mean.  Remember when you were a teenager and 30 seemed soooooo old!   I do.  Now I’m closing in on 40 – back then I’d have thought that was ancient.  Now of course I have a much different opinion on 40 – and it certainly isn’t ancient!  Good thing too – cause if you’re going to wait until later in life to have kiddies you better be ready 🙂  When I’m with monkey I’m lucky to sit for a second at a time and you can forget holding a conversation with anyone!    Visiting family and friends over the course of the holidays drove that point home.  There were quite a few times we’d be out and Christopher would be up past his bedtime.  He’d be having so much fun walking all over the place – one side of a room to the other – getting in to anything he could.  That meant that I was walking all over the place – one side of a room to the other – trying to keep him from getting in to everything he could!!!  People were shocked the way he kept going and going and he never got fussy.  It’s pretty awesome how good he can be – but sometimes you wish you could take out his batteries 🙂  And by you, I mean me.  Anyway – here are some pics from the end of the year and the start of this one….

this was Christopher’s last day of school for 2010.  The teacher had a pajama party and Santa was coming in to see the kids – so he had a fun packed day.  Check out his little booties – aren’t they to die for!

It was my birthday as well and my hubby was working – so if it wasn’t for my cousin Marion offering us a last minute invitation – we’d have been sitting around my living room doing nothing!  Instead we spent the evening with her and her family making cookies and decorating her tree.  And she made the night even more special with a surprise visit from my Cousin Patrick – it was the first time I’d seen him in more then 16 years.

Monkey might have been done with day care for the year, but I still had work so I brought him in with me on the 23rd.  I knew the office would be a ghost town and I figured it would be a good chance to bring him in to see Santa at Macy’s.

Some pics from Christmas – just what monkey needed, more toys 🙂

Went upstate to visit my family – this was the only pic I got  – 0ur visit got cut short by the blizzard!!  Of course the weathermen had been predicting the storm – but how often do they get this crap right????  This time, this time they get it right.  We were barely there when we had to get in the car and head home.  And let me tell you – I’ve driven in plenty of snowy conditions but I have never driven in weather like this blizzard.  We never should have gone up there and I give my hubby a lot of credit for not once mentioning that as I drove home with my hands white-knuckled on the steering wheel.  The ride took 3 1/2 hours when it normally takes under 2 – thank goodness Christopher slept for 2 hrs and saved his fussing until the last five minutes of the ride.  I don’t know what I’d have done if he started losing it sooner.

A few days later we were able to dig out and head over to Marion’s for a little after xmas celebration.  This time my cousin Walter and his family were there too – they had come up from Georgia.  It was a great time  – but I didn’t get a picture of monkey with everyone – don’t know how I messed that up 😦  Here he is with Emily and Patrick’s girlfriend Janine’s daughter.

Here he is in his new snow outfit, in his new plastic sled – figured while daddy was out hunting we’d try to have some fun in the snow.  Christopher wasn’t really digging it – my yard isn’t very big so it’s not like I could really get in to pulling him around – so we settled for a picture and we’ll pretend we had a blast sledding…..

I just love this sweater – it was a hand me down from my friend Weezy’s boys.  She’s given us some great clothes – she dresses her boys well – thanks Weezy!!!

He’s so proud of himself here.  I had this box near the side door so I could put it in the trash.  He grabbed it and managed to maneuver it past the kitchen table and his high chair – he put it on the floor and then plopped himself on top of it.  He was having a lot of fun.



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