The Start of Something New

14 11 2010

So we’ve made it through Christopher’s first 365 days 🙂  It seems so long ago yet it feels like only yesterday when I brought my little nugget home from the hospital.  So many things friends told me turned out to be true, but I never could have known it until I’ve gone through it myself.

The first three months of his life were stressful.  As I left the hospital all I kept thinking was, they’re letting me take him home??  I haven’t had nearly enough training to be a mother!  They had changed all his diapers up to that point.  I was petrified of this task.  That umbilical chord!   Keeping his little peeshy clean!  The pressure –  I don’t need my future daughter in law blaming me for messing up his plumbing!  Then there was the fear of him suffocating in his sleep, the difficulties I had breastfeeding, the hormones racing through my body making my weepy and wacky.  I really had no idea how crazy I was until those first three months were over.  Case in point, I hosted Thanksgiving dinner… my house.  With the good china.   The stuff I hadn’t taken out of the boxes since I got married….over 6 years before!  It took me hours to unpack and clean.  What the hell was I thinking????

Then it was time to head back to work.  That wasn’t nearly as hard as it could have been.  Even though my hormones were out of wack – my little monkey has always been pretty even keeled.  No tears from him…I was torn between being proud and being a little sad he didn’t realize I was leaving him.  Of course the daycare where he goes also happens to employ my mother in law.  She drives one of their buses.  Christopher can’t ride with her until he’s 18 mos old…but she checks in on him every day.  So I know they are gonna take good care of him or have one Italian/German Grandma to deal with.  I suppose that made leaving him there that much easier to deal with.

The work-life balance has been going well.  I have an incredibly understanding boss who lets me leave early when it’s my turn to pick the little monkey up from school.  I’ve worked for her long enough she knows I’ll handle my business – whether I’m in the office or checking in on things from home.  Of course there are times when I feel guilty walking out the door – I wonder what the people I work with think.  But the reality is that Christopher is my top priority and I got to do what I got to do.  Hopefully they are all as understanding as my boss is…

I still can’t believe his first year is over already.  I remember when I told people about my 365 day project – most people smirked and said, “let’s see how long that lasts.”  Everyone knows with your first kid you start off with the best of intentions but then reality sets in.  Of course I do have a bit of a competitive streak in me and you know I couldn’t let the naysayers win!  The project started out just as a photo album.  I had been printing photos at home all the time so I knew I’d keep the album up to date.  But then I bought a little photo printer that now sits in my living room.  That made the project that much easier to do.   And then somewhere along the way, probably in that three month period when my hormones were all screwy, I decided to start this blog.  I’ve never done anything like this before and I was already weeks in to his life.  The idea of going back to the beginning and getting caught up was a bit overwhelming.  But it was winter and I was still on maternity leave so there you have it.

The blog has been helpful.  I’ve tried keeping the baby book and the 1st year calender up to date with all the firsts in his life….but it hasn’t been easy.  Thankfully I’ve been able to use the blog as a reference when I needed to try to remember when the first tooth came or when he started sitting up or taking steps.  That’s why I can’t stop the blog just because his first 365 days are over.  Years from now it will be great for us both to have this to go back to and reminisce.

At one point I considered ending this blog and just starting a new one.  But I figured just because I started this as a 365 project and the intent was to post a picture a day…..I did do that for his first year but now it’s just more about the years in his life.  I’ll use this space to keep record of his milestones and my thoughts and feelings along the way.

Before I start anew, I figured I’d recap his first year and share with you some of my favorite pics from the blog.  First off my little monkey currently weighs 25lbs 12oz (90%) and is 30 3/4″ tall (75-90%).  Dr. Gerry says he basically looks like an 18mos old baby.  Heaven help me what he’ll weigh at 18mos!  I can barely carry him now 🙂  And yes, he’s wearing clothes designated 18mos.  He’s got a crazy head of hair – a little Donald Trump, a little Justin Beiber – I told you, crazy.  He’s got 5 teeth, two on the bottom, three on top.  And he really likes to use them.  I’m surprised all my clothes don’t have holes in the shoulder as he bites mine all the time now.  He walks great.  He’s eating regular food – which sucks a little cause I can’t cook and other then breakfast, feeding him meals is now the new stress in my life!   That and the night terrors he seems to suffer from almost every night.  Listening to him cry while he sleeps has to be one of the most awful things I’ve ever heard and I pray he outgrows this phase soon.  He’s a big flirt.  There isn’t a check-out lady from here to Westbury that has not been taken in by his charms.

Well that’s my monkey in a nutshell.  Now lets recap my fave pics from his first year:

look at my two handsome men….I’m a lucky woman (and get a load of Christopher’s feet – they’re huge!!)

I miss his dark spiky hair – look at how cute he is.

my little burrito 🙂  this might be my favorite pic of him to date

do I need to say why I love this pic???  look at it….

He’s about 8mos old here

love his smile

someday he’s gonna hate me for this one…..

and how cannot I not include his 1st birthday photo



2 responses

14 11 2010

It has been fun following Christopher for his first year of life! I feel like I know him! Congratulations on your big year. I look forward to watching him grow up…here on the blog! : )

17 11 2010

thanks Christine 🙂

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