Day 349

25 10 2010

Uh I’m really not happy about penned up in this pack and play.  You know, I can walk now and I need room to roam!!

Day 348

20 10 2010

It’s Halloween month 🙂  Mommy has so many halloween themed outfits for me that I’ll be wearing something halloween related all month long!

Day 347

20 10 2010

I love the remote control.  Mommy and daddy try to keep it away from me, but I always manage to get it 🙂

Day 346

20 10 2010

I stayed home from school today, I wasn’t feeling to well.  Daddy had the day off and we hung out together.  This is how mommy found us when she got home from work.  Daddy and I were watching videos on the computer.  He was playing the video of Feist singing 1,2,3,4 on Sesame St.  I love that video.


Day 345

20 10 2010

Check out my new jacket – it looks like an astronauts coat.  Mommy couldn’t wait for it to get cold enough for me to wear.

Day 344

20 10 2010

Today we went to Ocean City for Daddy’s Uncle Jeff’s Retirement Party.  It didn’t take us too long to get there at all.  Then I got to stay up late for the party.  Here I am hanging out with Daddy and some of Uncle Jeff’s friends – I’m just one of the guys.

Day 343

20 10 2010

Look at me with my sippy cup!  Mommy has bought me lots of sippy cups and I didn’t like using any of them, until now 🙂  Now I drink out of any of my cups.  I can even do it while I am walking.

Day 342

20 10 2010

It might be fall but it’s still warm enough for me to be outside without a jacket!  I like playing in the fresh air 🙂  Mommy’s got pumpkins outside cause Halloween is coming.  I can’t wait – Halloween is on a Sunday so mommy is going to take me around to the neighbors for my first trick or treating.  Then we’re gonna come home and give out candy to all the kids that come to our house.  It’s gonna be fun!

Day 341

13 10 2010

Guess what, I’m happy again today 🙂  Here I am at school playing with the toys.  I have lots of fun at school.  There is so much to play with and so much to do.

Day 340

13 10 2010

hahahahahahahahaha – i love to giggle and smile 🙂  mommy and daddy say I am a happy baby, I’d say they are right!