Day 305

7 09 2010

Ha – mommy tried to take my picture but I move too fast!!!  I’m 10mos old today – I got places to go and people to see – out of my way!

Oh yeah – and guess who took LOTS of steps on his own today!!  Mommy saw me take three steps on my own.  Then when daddy came home, he saw me take four!

Day 304

7 09 2010

Mommy dressed me up in fancy clothes today and took me to the Planting Fields Arboretum in Oyster Bay to take some pictures.  Daddy couldn’t go because he had to go upstate to his hunting property and get some stuff from his trailer.  Maybe daddy can come with us to the arboretum some other time because it was really nice.

Here’s one of the pictures mommy took of me today.

Day 303

7 09 2010

So I was outside again today!  Mommy made daddy come outside with us so he could see how good I could stand on the grass.  She took a picture so now you can see how good I can stand too!

Day 302

7 09 2010

Mommy’s been taking me outside so we can enjoy the last days of summer, and so I can practice my standing and walking on the grass!!!  When I’m outside, all the neighbors seem to come outside too 🙂  This is one of my neighbors – it’s a dog – he belongs to our neighbor Trish.  I don’t remember his name though.  But he was cute and liked rubbing his back on the lawn.  I like dogs – I hope I get a dog someday.  Maybe when I learn how to feed myself with a spoon!

Day 301

7 09 2010

When mommy or daddy are done feeding me, they let me play with my spoon.  Maybe someday soon I’ll learn how to feed myself.