Day 328

30 09 2010

This is me and my daddy, we’re just hanging out.  Doing some guy stuff while mommy’s at work.  Daddy and I have fun together.  He teaches me all kind of stuff. He taught me how to hold my bottle.  He teaches me sign language.  He teaches me how to count.   He’s awesome.

Day 327

30 09 2010

I’m just playing with my cars while I wait for mommy to finish getting ready for work.  I wish she’d hurry up, I wanna get to school 🙂

Day 326

30 09 2010

My crazy weekend really caught up with me.  I was super tired when mommy got me from daycare.  I passed out on the ride home and didn’t wake up until 7:30!  Then I played for a bit.  Maybe that nap wasn’t the best idea cause I stayed up past my bedtime.  Oops.  Sorry mommy 🙂

Day 325

30 09 2010

I had such a busy weekend going places, that tonight I’m gonna stay in and play with my toys.  I have lots of them.  I have toys that play music, toys that make noise, books, animals, balls, tools…I could go on and on.  I really love taking them all out of their bins and spreading them all over the floor.  I know mommy and daddy really love picking it all up at the end of the night!

Day 324

26 09 2010

OOMPAHFEST!!!!!  It’s my first one and I’m having fun!  Mommy’s friend Weezy gave me this supercool outfit.  Everyone that sees me smiles when I pass by.  Mommy and Daddy said next year they are getting me a pair of lederhosen.  There is lots of music here.  I really loved the music.  Me and mommy had lots of fun dancing.  I can’t wait to come back next year.

Day 323

26 09 2010

Aunt Dawn and Uncle Jeff came up to visit – Uncle Jeff wants to go to Oompahfest at the Plattdeutsche on Sunday.  He’s been going to it for years since he was a young boy.   So I’m excited to go to my first Oompahfest!  But for tonite we went out to dinner at a german restaurant.  You never can get too much german food!

Today I also went to Anita’s house for the party she had for Luca & Ella’s Christening.  Mommy took pictures for Anita – I didn’t go with her because it would be too hard for her to watch me and take pictures.  So she went to the church and came and got me after.  I had fun playing in Anita’s backyard and I ate yummy chicken and pasta!

Day 322

26 09 2010

It’s that time of year again…what time you ask???  Time for my bones jones outfit!!!  It’s one you get at Old Navy.  Mommy had gotten my the 12-18 mos size, but it barely fit – she had to go back and get my the 18-24 mos!!!  And she got my super cool slippers at Baby Gap.  I glow in the dark, that’s cool.

Day 321

26 09 2010

Mommy says I can drive the car this morning, see, she gave me the keys!  Ha cheeky monkeys, babies can’t drive – I was just kidding.   Mommy just gave them  to me so I’d sit still for a picture.  See the new plants on my step – those are called mums and you put them out in the fall.  And you can tell it’s fall cause I’m wearing a sweatshirt cause it’s cool outside.

Day 320

26 09 2010

Me and mommy just hanging out before I go into school….

Day 319

21 09 2010

Look at me I’m taking steps!!  Not bad considering I woke up at 4:3o this morning 🙂  Hey, like my new slippers.  They look like skeleton feet 🙂