Day 288

22 08 2010

Daddy’s friend Darren was in town today.  He was here because he had a funeral to go to.  That is sad.  But I was happy that he came to visit.  He hasn’t seen me since December! (day 45)  I was much smaller then – I fell asleep on his arm like a monkey in a tree.  He said he’s known for getting babies to sleep.  Whenever he is somewhere with a baby, and they are cranky and fighting sleep, if you give them to him – he’ll make them fall asleep.  When we got home from the diner, I was being cranky and fighting sleep – he totally put me to sleep!!

This was my day to hang out with the boys!  After Darren left, we had to get ready to go to a birthday party!  It was for Paul’s son Patrick.  Paul is daddy’s friend from work.  I couldn’t get a picture with Patrick cause he was busy playing and having fun, it was his party you know – so mommy took a picture of me with Paul.  Paul and his wife Kelly have a daughter that is one month younger then me – she’s super cute but we didn’t get to play together at the party.  Hopefully we can do a play date soon.  I like play dates.



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