Day 298

31 08 2010

Happy Birthday Grandma Angie, happy birthday to yoooooouuuuuuuuuuu ūüôā

Day 297

31 08 2010

I’m wearing my baby legs. ¬†They are like leg warmers. ¬†They keep my legs protected when I crawl around on the floor. ¬†Daddy thinks they are stupid, but mommy thinks they are awesome. ¬†I kind of have no say – but they are warm, and they do protect me knees…….

Day 296

31 08 2010

We spent the night at Grandma Candy & Grandpa Richie’s house. ¬†I like visiting them because I get to play with everyone and they have a cat and a dog! ¬†And my Grandpa Richie is silly – I like that.

Day 295

31 08 2010

I was supposed to go to the Dutchess County Fair today but the traffic getting there was sooooooooo bad! ¬†We decided to ditch that plan and do something else instead. ¬†Mommy wanted to get Japanese Hibachi so we drove to Poughkeepsie to get some ūüôā ¬†I had a little bit of mommy’s chicken. ¬†It was yummy. ¬†The other people were worried I might be scared by the knives and the fire – but I wasn’t. ¬†They thought I was pretty chill. ¬†And I thought the chef was pretty funny – he’d make me laugh.

Day 294

28 08 2010

Today is Friday and it’s normally a quiet day at the office where mommy works – so she brought me in with her since I didn’t have day care. ¬†I like going to work with mommy. ¬†There is so much room to crawl and play and so many people come to see me. ¬†I especially like playing with Kim and Lesley. ¬†They are really nice to me.

Day 293

28 08 2010

Today I went to Maria’s house while mommy & daddy were at work. ¬†It’s lots of fun over there because Maria has two daughters, Meghan & Nicole, and they have friends that come over. ¬†There are so many people to play with me.

Day 292

28 08 2010

My day care is closed for the next couple of weeks so everyone is pitching in to watch me. ¬†Today I went to Grandma Angie’s house.

Day 291

24 08 2010

Just hanging in my pack n play. ¬†My top teeth broke through today – but I’m not gonna show em to you – mommy keeps trying to see them, but I only let her feel them when she puts her finger in my mouth, then I bite it ūüôā

Day 290

24 08 2010

Yeah, I’m standing, ALL BY MYSELF!!! ¬†I’ve been doing it for longer and longer – mommy and daddy are waiting for the day I try to take my first step on my own.

Day 289

22 08 2010

It was a rainy day today – I know it doesn’t look like it in this picture, but it was! ¬†Mommy took me to visit some of her bball buddies – Jill, Julie, Chrissy & Anita – they play softball together. ¬†They had some games in Wantagh so mommy took me there so Julie, Chrissy and Anita could meet me ūüôā ¬†Jill already met me a long time ago (day 67), she’s the one that gave me that awesome activity table (days 176, 189, 247), it’s one of my favorite toys. ¬†Anyway, we leave to go to the park and it starts raining. ¬†Mommy figured those silly girls would still be playing if it rained so we still went to see them. ¬†After awhile it wasn’t raining so heavy and mommy and I sat under a tree where it was dry, and watched them play. ¬†They didn’t win ūüė¶ ¬†But that’s ok, it was fun getting to meet them all. ¬†I didn’t get a picture with them cause mommy figured they wouldn’t want her taking their pic while they were wet from playing in the rain. ¬†Hopefully I’ll meet them again soon and we can take a picture then!