Day 259

25 07 2010

Yay Mommy had off today, boo I wasn’t feeling too good this morning 😦 I had a low-grade fever again this morning and they thought I was still acting sluggish so mommy kept me home from school and we went to see Dr. Gheri.  She said she didn’t see any signs of infection, my ears were good, nothing on the back of my throat.  But mommy should keep an eye on me and come back if anything developed.  We went home and I played a bit there.  Then daddy had to go to work and mommy had a lot of errands to do so we headed out to the stores.  Mommy wanted to swing by my Aunt Tara’s house to say hi since we haven’t been there in awhile.  They normally go away for the weekend so mommy wasn’t sure if they’d be home but we got lucky and they were there!  So we hung out there for like an hour or so before we went off to do our errands.  That’s me with Julie, Erin and Johnny.  Amy was off playing with her friend so they weren’t in the picture.



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