Day 258

22 07 2010

I didn’t feel so hot today.  I was pretty sleepy this morning and right about the time we were to leave for school, mommy noticed I felt kind of hot.  Daddy got the thermometer and checked my temperature, it was only 98.3, which isn’t really considered a fever for a baby.  So I was gonna go to school even though mommy and daddy felt I was acting my usual self.  Mommy gave me a pain reliever to see if that would help and we left for school.  But when I got there, everyone said I didn’t look like myself and mommy decided to take me home.  On the way she stopped at this Health Mart/Pharmacy in Valley Stream she always wanted to check out.  While I slept in my car seat (which mommy had in the shopping cart) – she strolled the aisles.  She found these great Melissa & Doug hand puppets and got me one.  That’s me and Officer Cyrus 🙂  After we got home and mommy fed me breakfast, I started feeling better.  That’s when mommy and I were playing with Officer Cy for a bit – I liked it when he tapped my nose and I really liked chewing on his hat.  Since I was feeling better, mommy ended up bringing me back to school.  I was alright for the rest of the afternoon, but started feeling warm again by the time mommy got home from work at 9pm.  My temperature was 99.5 when she checked it last – she gave me more pain reliever and I drifted off to sleep.  Hopefully I will feel better tomorrow.  I have a busy weekend ahead, no time to be sick!