Day 254

19 07 2010

The weatherman said there was another heat wave on the way.  Grandpa Sal’s lady friend, Mary, has a pool.  She’s been inviting mommy and daddy over for years but they’ve never gone.  Well knowing how much I like the water, and how much I seem to like pools, mommy decided today was the day to see if that offer still stood!  So we called up Grandpa Sal and he checked with Mary – and sure enough it did 🙂  So mommy and I suited up and went over.  Here I am with Mary’s daughter.  Mary’s son and his family where there too. And they had some friends come over.  It was a really nice day.  Daddy even joined us for a bit after he got off from work.  The heat must have really gotten to me because mommy said I fell asleep at 5:30pm and pretty much slept through until the next morning.  I tossed and turned a few times but always went back to sleep zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz



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