Day 243

7 07 2010

Daddy lowered my crib mattress today – one day mommy came in to find me standing in my crib and it freaked her out.

Day 242

7 07 2010

This is what mommy saw when she came home from the city tonite…she stayed late to go out to dinner for Marcy’s bday so by the time she came home I was fast asleep.

and apparently she brought home a bag full of goodies for me!!  Her friend’s Matt and John bought me a bunch of fun presents.  Thanks Matt and John for all the great stuff.  I’ve already chewed on the football rattle and had fun banging on my new musical workbench!

Day 241

7 07 2010

Today was a bit of a sad day – it was the day of my next door neighbor Rosie’s funeral.  She was like a Great Grandma to me.  She was really good friend’s and next door neighbor forever to my daddy’s Grandma Mary, my Great Grandma Mary.  But she had passed away 10 years ago now and so it was Rosie who was gonna be my honorary Great Grandma.  She was 86 years old and had started to get sick back before I was born – but these last few weeks she really started going downhill.  Mommy and Daddy were glad that she at least got to spend a little time with me.  This is Rosie’s daughter Annette.  She was happy that her mom got to spend time with me too.  She said Rosie would talk about me all the time.  I love you Rosie – say hi to my Great Grandma Mary up in heaven, ok?

This was the day I came home from the hospital – we went right over to Rosie’s so she could see me.  She was so happy that my daddy finally had a baby.

Day 240

7 07 2010

Happy Fourth of July everyone!  I’ve got this funny look on my face cause it’s H-O-T, HOT!!!  You wouldn’t believe how hot is today.  I like the summer time but I don’t know if I like it this hot.