Day 238

2 07 2010

Aw ma – do I really have to hang out in my play pen??  I like it so much better when I can crawl all over and get in to everything…..

Day 237

2 07 2010

I just had my bath and now I’m hanging in my comfy bathrobe waiting for mommy to pick out my outfit.  Don’t mind me, I’m just going to chew on my comb for a bit.

and I found out some sad news today – my next door neighbor, Rosie, passed away today 😦  She was 84 years old and had gone in to a nursing home because she needed round the clock care.  She was like my Great Grandma and I am sad that she is gone.  But mommy says she was very happy that she got to meet me and I always brought a smile to her face.