Day 229 – Vacation (cont.)

26 06 2010

This is what I look like after a day at the water park!!  Oh yeah, that was my first time at the water park and boy was it fun!!!  There was a kiddie pool that I played in with mommy and daddy for a long time.  At one point daddy was throwing me up in the air to make me laugh – and he did it a bunch of times and I kept smiling and giggling.  Then one time I didn’t – and he says to mommy – I think he fell asleep.  She said no way, that can’t be, you’re throwing him in the air – but guess what, I WAS sleeping.  Ha Ha.  Aunt Dawn watched me as daddy, mommy and Uncle Jeff went on water slides.  After awhile I woke up again and went back in the pool for some more play time.  This time I stayed awake, in the pool.  But when I went back to our table, I kind of got tired again…….

Sorry no pics of me playing in the pool – mommy and daddy say they need to go on a diet before I can post any more pics of them in bathing suits.

Thanks for my new swim outfit Susan and Jordan 🙂  Daddy and Uncle Jeff said it’s good luck cause the USA scored a goal and tied the game after mommy got me dressed.  GO USA!!



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26 06 2010

OMG!!! SO cute! I love it!

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