Day 228 – Vacation (cont.)

26 06 2010

This was a weekend of firsts!  Not only did I go on vacation for the first time – but I went to the beach for the first time!  Well, the first time to go to the beach to actually get to sit on the beach 🙂  It was super hot but Aunt Dawn had two umbrellas so we had lots of shade.  Mommy brought my blow up pool so I had something to play in and keep cool.  It was lots of fun.   When I wasn’t playing in the pool or eating, I was napping.  It was nice and warm and cozy.  I liked crawling around on the blanket.  There was a lot of this gritty stuff all over the place and I liked sticking my hands in it and trying to put them in my mouth.  But for some reason mommy didn’t want me eating it – I don’t know why.  Daddy says that’s why he doesn’t like going to the beach – all that gritty stuff is annoying.  I don’t know – I thought it was kind of fun to play with.

That’s my Great Uncle Jeff and Cousin Christy behind me 🙂



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