Day 225

19 06 2010

Today we went to Eisenhower Park to go to Brigid’s birthday party – she turned 1!!!  It was a really nice day for a party and I had a lot of fun.  I also got to meet another one of mommy’s old co-workers, Jen Pal.  Jen was the Supervising Producer on one of the first jobs she did when she got hired at MTV, Mission Makeover.  Mommy says it was one of her favorite projects to work on.  Jen came to the party with her husband Eric, who also works for MTV, and their four boys – Parker, Logan, Baxter & Will.  I like meeting new people and I like birthday parties!  Do you know they give YOU presents at birthday parties??  Weezy handed me a present when I left – that was really nice of her.  It had toys to play with in the bath and a jar of yummy baby food with a brand new spoon 🙂  Thanks Weezy and Brigid for a fun day.  Then we went to go see Anita and Luca and Ella – they don’t live far from the park so it was easy to drop by.  They are sooooo tiny – they are about two months old now!!  Mommy says she can’t remember me ever being that tiny – especially now that I’m 20 lbs.

**apparently I really liked Brigid’s shoe – I kept trying to put it in my mouth.  Mommy said uh-oh, he’s got a foot fetish.  What does that mean?  You like Brigid’s shoe?  And that’s Will with us.



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