Day 188

13 05 2010

I’m heading back to day care again.  I still have a bit of a cough – it mostly comes on after I eat.  The formula makes my phlegmy 😦  See the shirt I am wearing.  It was a gift from mommy’s friend, Jennie.  They play basketball together so Jennie had to get me a shirt that had a basketball on it!!  What she didn’t realize is that it also has mommy’s jersey # from the league they’ve been playing in 🙂  That was mommy’s HS basketball jersey # too  – she had wanted #22 because that’s her birthday, but someone else got it first.  So she took 33 since it was a double # too.  Then Larry Bird became her favorite bball player and his # was 33 too.

Day 187

13 05 2010

You can tell when daddy is in charge of pictures for the day – he loves taking these crazy close-ups of me and taking pics of my while I have a bottle in my mouth!

Day 186

13 05 2010

Bath day!!  I love getting baths – mommy or daddy fill my tub with warm water and I sit and play while they soap me up.  I figured out how to splash the other day – mommy forget to tell daddy – I bet he was surprised when I started splashing around 🙂

Day 185

13 05 2010

I woke up this morning with more croup-y cough!!   I had been feeling and sounding better over the weekend – but it came back this morning 😦  Daddy was supposed to go away hunting but he stayed home with me cause mommy has to work.  I don’t like that I am sick but I am happy to have daddy to hang out with all day long!

I’ve been sleeping in my toddler chair in my crib because laying flat on my back makes me cough more.  I was NOT having a bottle before bed – daddy had me in my seat cause he was doing stuff in my room so I just hung out in my chair while he worked.

Day 184 – Happy Mother’s Day

13 05 2010

OK – mommy is kind of behind updating my blog – I know you’ve been anxiously awaiting my posts!!  She’s been doing some stuff after work and also daddy keeps hogging the laptop at night to troll around on ebay for hours!!!

Here we are on Mother’s Day – mommy made dinner for Grandma Angie & Daddy – we didn’t remember to get a picture with us all sitting around the table 😦  So we took one when mommy was giving me my last bottle of the day.  Her t-shirt says she’s the best mommy 🙂