Day 180

5 05 2010

I woke up with a crazy cough today.  It scared mommy and daddy.  They tried not to freak out because I happened to have a dr’s appt scheduled today anyway.  Daddy was off from work so he took me in.  I saw Dr. McCarthy today.  She told daddy I have croup 😦  It’s a viral infection that affects your voice box.  That’s why my cough sounded so crazy.  There isn’t much you can do – just have to ride it out and keep an eye on me cause if the coughing gets worse or my fever gets too high, I need to go back to the dr right away.  So stay tuned and let’s hope this clears up quickly.  I don’t like to crazy cough – it hurts!  And guess how big I am now, 17lbs 14oz and 26 1/4 inches.  I am a big boy!