Day 171

26 04 2010

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY – it’s my daddy’s birthday today 🙂  I love him very much – would have liked to post a picture of us together for today, but mommy was rushing around getting ready for work this morning and forgot to take one of us together.  Then daddy was working the night shift so she couldn’t do it when she got home.  Instead, here is a picture of me sitting on my blanket hanging out.  Now you might be wondering why I am naked.  I have a wee bit of diaper rash so mommy was letting my bum get some fresh air for a bit.  She was hoping I wouldn’t pee all over myself – and guess what, I didn’t!  We’ll have to see if all that fresh air helped my bum……



One response

27 04 2010
Christine Arthur

OMG… He is so chubby! I love chubby babies! I want to eat him up!

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