Day 167

22 04 2010

Here I am eating my first food – well beside cereal.  Mommy and Daddy gave me some bananas.  I was really enjoying it – they tasted real yummy.  I ate quite a few spoonfuls then I felt full.  Daddy noticed a red mark on my forehead.  Then one on my cheek.  They got worried that I was having an allergic reaction.  Mommy took me in my room to put on my pajamas and check me out.  I had hives on my back and belly.  They called Dr. McCarthy to see what she recommended.  She asked if I was fussy or irritable.  I kind of answered that question cause I was in the background laughing and kicking 🙂  She said as long as I didn’t look like I was in distress I should be ok and there was no need to give me anything.  I would be ok in a bit – just keep an eye one me.  They went to the store and got some children’s benadryl just to be safe.  But I had my last bottle of the night at 9:15 and went right to sleep.