Day 162

17 04 2010

I was looking forward to today 🙂  Mommy has been talking about wanting me to meet the babies of her friends.  She had a bunch of girlfriends that were pregnant at the same time and today was the day that we were getting together.  Mommy’s friend Karen was hosting the playdate at her new apt in Brooklyn.  Mommy and me drove in – I slept the whole way.  Ha ha – I stayed asleep for the first 20 mins we were at Karen’s house.  It was OK though cause Sophie, that’s Karen’s daughter, she was sleeping too.  Then Allison came with Olive.  It was nice to see them again.  And then Jen and Noah got there (yay, another boy!)  I’ve never been any place with that many babies like me in one place.  It was a lot of fun.  Sophie had great toys and she shared with all of us.  We really liked these blocks she had – they were great fun to chew on.    Mommy is gonna break the rules today and post more then one picture again.

Here are all the mommies and babies together

Here are ones of all the babies together – uh, they didn’t go according to plan…..



2 responses

18 04 2010
Christine Arthur

Now you have to get together and pose this same picture once a year. SIt them in the same order. It will be amazing to look back at! Adorable! : )

18 04 2010

that’s a great idea Christine!

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