Day 134

21 03 2010

Today was a crazy busy day for mommy and me!!  Daddy was working so it was just the two of us and boy did mommy keep me busy.  1st of all it was the 1st day of spring and the weather was beautiful!!  So mommy made sure we got an early start on the day.  First we went for a walk up the block for mommy to get her coffee.  Then she realized that her car needed an oil change so we walked over to the service station to see if they could fit us in.  There I got to meet Tony the mechanic for the first time.  He’s very nice and mommy trusts him – he does good work and he gave mommy a discount once and told her to use the $$ to buy me a present, wasn’t that nice of him!  Then we walked back home for mommy to get the car to drop it off – then we had to walk home again!  Then I took a little nap while mommy showered and did some laundry.  Then we picked up the car, went to the bank and then headed to Rockville Centre for the St Patrick’s Day Parade.  I wasn’t too interested in what was going on,  but it was nice to be outside enjoying the fresh air.  Here I am as the Irish Step Dancers go by – Mommy was very excited but I could have cared less – I was too busy staring at my hands.  Then we left the parade and went to visit Grandpa Paul at the Nursing home.  So many people stopped to say hi to me – it was nice.  Then we went to BJ’s to go shopping and FINALLY we went home!  See I told you I had a busy day 🙂



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