Day 131 – Happy St. Patrick’s Day

17 03 2010

Today is St. Patty’s day.  Apparently I am Irish…..the ladies at the day care place thought I was German but Mommy set them straight!  For  your information, I am mostly Italian, then Irish and then a little German.  I know – you are surprised – most people think my last name is German, but it is in fact Italian and mommy’s maiden name is Italian.  It’s my mommy’s mommy that was Irish (she passed away a long time ago which is why mommy’s Cousin Candy is Grandma Candy!!  She’s been raising my mommy since mommy was 13 yrs old) and my Grandma Angie is half Italian and half German.  But from my understanding – on St. Patty’s Day it doesn’t really matter what nationality you normally are, today you are Irish if you want to be 🙂  Erin Go Bragh….



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