Day 145

31 03 2010

Mommy wanted to make sure that she and Daddy got to take me for my first Easter Bunny visit together.  He’s working on Saturday when the Easter Bunny is going to be at Hicks Nursery and she was planning on taking me.  So she called the mall and found out the Easter Bunny was there until 8:30 at night.   Since the weather finally got nicer today she asked daddy if we could go when she got home from work.  We got to the mall and the parking lot was packed!!  Daddy looked at all the cars and said to Mommy, “What recession??”  We got a little nervous because we thought there might be a line to see the Easter Bunny – but thankfully there was no one there when we walked up!!  I got to take me picture right away 🙂

Day 144

30 03 2010

Daddy had hockey this morning so Grandma Angie came by to keep an eye on me while mommy was at work.  I still have a cold – now the congestion is dripping from my head in to my throat making me need to cough a lot.  Mommy was afraid the cold was moving in to my chest so she called the dr to get me an appointment and when daddy came home from hockey (his team won!) he took me to see Dr. Gerry.  She said my lungs were clear – no congestion there (yay) – but  I do have a slight ear infection.  She prescribed me some medicine.  My first prescription!  Mommy picked it up on her way home from work and gave me some.  It wasn’t too bad – it’s cherry flavored 🙂  Oh yeah, Dr Gerry weighed me and now I am up to 15 lbs 12 oz – I’m a big boy.

Day 143

29 03 2010

So the day care center is closed this week.  Thank goodness daddy is off of work for three days – he’s gonna be watching me today, tomorrow and Wednesday 🙂  I like it when I get to spend so much time with Daddy!

Day 142

28 03 2010

It was an interesting day for me.  I’ve had a bit of a cold for a while now and today I slept alot!  Mommy says I haven’t napped like this in weeks.  It’s kind of dreary and cold out side so who wouldn’t want to curl up and nap!!!  Here I am hanging out on the couch watching Minute to Win It…a silly new game show on NBC.

Day 141

27 03 2010

Today mommy and I went to visit her friend Anita.  Anita wanted to have some family pictures taken so she asked mommy to do it.  Anita is the one that’s pregnant with TWINS!  That means she’s having two babies, at once!!  I don’t understand how two babies fit in a mommy’s belly – it was a pretty tight fit when there was just one of me in there.  I’m sure her babies can’t wait to get out – it will be soon, they are due towards the end of April.  I can’t wait to meet them.  Today I got to meet her son Marco – he’s a big boy.  He was a lot of fun to play with.  I think he’s going to make a really good big brother.

Day 140

26 03 2010

woo hoo, look at me!!  I’m just hanging in my crib while mommy was putting my laundry away.  I love to stretch and kick!!  Daddy thinks it’s funny that I always open my eyes so wide for pictures.

Day 139

26 03 2010

Just another day – hanging out on my boppy pillow, chewing on my binky.  But look – I can hold it on my own now and wave it around 🙂

Day 138

24 03 2010

I have a bit of a cold right now.  My head is stuffy and my nose is running all the time.  Mommy wanted to give me a bath cause I was starting to look a bit messy!  I love getting a bath.  Mommy says I smell so delicious afterwards – she could just eat me up!

Day 137

24 03 2010

So daddy was off from work today and he made dinner and invited Grandma Angie over 🙂  She and I were hanging out while Daddy was getting everything ready…

Day 136

22 03 2010

The beautiful weekend is over and it’s back to daycare I go.  Here I am with one of the nice ladies that watches me in the morning until Miss Joy gets in.  Miss Joy is who watches over the babies during the day – but I sometimes come in before she gets there or stay after she leaves – and those are the times when mommy comes to get me.  Since mommy is the picture taker in the family, it makes it hard to get a picture with Miss Joy.  Mommy might have to enlist Daddy’s help since he’s the one that normally sees her.