Day 112

26 02 2010

It snowed like crazy again last nite!!!  Mommy went to go outside to shovel and found that someone had come by with their snow blower and did a pathway in front of our house and our two neighbor’s houses!!  What a nice surprise – that meant she only had to shovel our driveway and a little pathway on the side of the house.  She was so relieved 🙂  And then when she went outside, our neighbor Trish and her boyfriend Jimmy came out too.  So they all helped each other shovel the driveways.  Daddy and I watched and waved from the window 🙂  Then it was daddy’s turn to go outside and shovel so mommy bundled me up so I could come out and play.  It wasn’t too cold and the snow was coming down – I got to feel snowflakes on my cheeks 🙂



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