Day 102

16 02 2010

So we got more snow – I can’t wait until I can actually PLAY in it!!!  Mommy says don’t rush things, I’ll be paying off a mortgage and socking money in to a 401K before I know it so I should enjoy this time of my life as much as possible  🙂  She wanted to enjoy her life today so she dragged me out in to the snow I can’t play in to go to the Nail Salon.  Apparently she desperately needed a mani/pedi and it was about my nap time anyway so she figured she’d try sneaking one in while I slept.  But HA – I let her relax during the pedi part but I woke up in time for the mani part.  She didn’t mind though as one of the nice ladies at the nail salon held me while she finished getting her nails done.  Mommy goes here all the time so they are very nice to her, and now to me!  See how comfortable I am……



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