Day 99

14 02 2010

Today mommy, dadddy and me went for a ride out east to look at real estate.  Daddy had picked out over 15 houses to look at – apparently mommy and daddy only sort of liked two of them!  We didn’t go inside any of them – just judged from the street – what they call “curb appeal”!  Mommy and daddy need to make sure our house has curb appeal when the time comes!!  Now I didn’t see any of this as I slept the ENTIRE time 🙂  Well, I did wake up for a minute when we stopped at daddy’s friend Paul’s new house.  He and his family used to live by us in Lynbrook but they moved out east.  Someday we’ll probably live near them again.  They just had a little girl Molly, so I’ll have some one my age to play with!  Once we got back in the car I went right back to sleep – my car seat is very cozy!  But when I got home I was very hungry!   So I had my bottle and sat and watched the olympics for a bit…….



2 responses

14 02 2010
Christine Arthur

Where are you looking, Donna?

15 02 2010

Smithtown – longer commute for me but hopefully we’ll find something with more property and nicer then what we have now….unfortunately we have a lot to do on our current house so we really need to get to work before we start looking anymore!! Would be depressing to find a house we love and can afford and not be ready to put a bid, you know?

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