Day 94 – My First Time at Day Care

8 02 2010

Today was my first day at Day Care!!!  Mommy is only sending me for a few hours three days this week – just to test it out for all of us.  She doesn’t want me gone all day just yet cause she and daddy would miss me 🙂  Things went well.  I didn’t cry and mommy didn’t cry!  I was very good this morning, I slept while mommy showered.  When I woke up she gave me my bottle and then I hung out on the bed watching the local news while mommy got dressed.  And then mommy got ME dressed.  No last minute dirty diapers AFTER mommy put me in the car seat – I’ll wait to do that on a day when she’s really running behind 🙂  Just kidding…maybe?!?   At the school I met Miss Angelica.  She’ll be looking after me during the day, well at least for this week.  She’s gonna have a baby any day now and this is her last week at work for awhile.  Miss Joy will be looking after me then.  I’ll get a picture with her soon.  This is me and Miss Angelica in front of my crib.  Mommy bought me a mobile to pimp it out a bit – she’ll add that tomorrow.