Day 86

31 01 2010

Today mommy’s friend Allison and her daughter Olive came to visit – but I don’t have a picture to share because mommy FORGOT to take a picture of all of us together 😦  It was a lot of fun to have them here.  As you can see, I got dressed up nice for Olive.  Too bad your computer screen doesn’t have scratch and sniff cause I’m wearing baby cologne..I smell good 🙂  Remember I said I like being around people my size – well Olive is 6 mos old so she’s only 3 mos bigger then me!!  I didn’t hang out with her too long though – I was really tired and fell asleep for most of the time they were here.  But Olive doesn’t live that far away so mommy says I’ll get to hang out with her again soon.  Maybe next time we’ll go to visit her at her house!    Gonna see Grandpa Sal and Mary tonite – we’re going out to dinner at Dave’s Famous BBQ.  It is a good day.



2 responses

31 01 2010

christopher –
thanks for letting me come visit today and use your kicker chair and your vibrating chair and your crib. man, i really took over the place, huh? glad you slept through my fussy moments too. i hope to come visit again soon!!

31 01 2010

Olive – Sorry I fell asleep and didn’t get to play with you enough – NOT a good first impression. Hope I can come visit you at your house soon 🙂 I promise to stay awake longer. Glad you got home safe!

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