Day 61

28 01 2010

Time for another Dr’s appointment!!  My weight was 10lbs 11oz!  I gained 2 lbs 3oz in a month – mommy was worried it was too much but Dr. Gerry said it was good.  I’m now 23 3/8 in long.  Dr. Gerry was impressed with how alert I was and she dangled this pink fuzzy guy in front of me back and forth – he was funny looking and I couldn’t take my eyes off of him.  She said that was good too.  Today I got some vaccinations – they all came in one shot so I only had to get stuck once.  I was a big boy – I only cried a little bit.  Then mommy kissed me on my check and I felt better.  Dr. Gerry gave us the thumbs but said I might get a fever from the vaccination so I’d need to take tylenol for the next day or so.



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