Day 54

25 01 2010

Here I am hanging out with my cousins Briana & Juliana.  They live in Florida but were visiting for the holidays.  I’m so sad to see them go but at least we got to hang out for awhile.  My cousin Briana is so cool – she has pink hair.  Maybe I’ll make my hair pink?  Well, maybe I’ll make it blue…or green…or orange……

Day 53

25 01 2010

Today mommy’s friend Marcy came to visit – I love all these ladies coming by, they give my hugs and kisses and bring me things!  Marcy brought me more cool clothes.  I really love my sweatsuit outfit from Old Navy.  It’s super soft.  And the pants are way more comfortable then the ones mommy has me in now….

Day 52

25 01 2010

Just hanging in my vibrating chair with my cow and my binky, maybe I’ll take a nap while I wait for my next meal, maybe I’ll just hang out and stare at the ceiling?  So many choices.   Mommy says I have THE life.  Not sure what she means because she has a life too I think…

and a special thanks to Kelleigh and Nicole for my pal Cowbell, he’s super soft and cuddly.